Who are we?

was founded in 1973 by Mike Olive-Jones with the sole purpose of developing and designing a range of machines dedicated to the end working of tubes and bars, because there was a niche in the market due to the common practice then of using lathes for this purpose, which is a very inefficient way of doing this process.

Mike retired in 1997 and the ownership of MOJ was taken over by Brian Williams and Nick Clements who have moved the company on to adapt to the ever changing needs of industry for cost effective, efficient and up-to-date solutions to meet their production requirements.

The machine range has evolved to incorporate features such as the latest HMI friendly control systems, from semi-automatic to fully automatic operation, auto-setting-up of machines, covering most materials and sizes.  We can also offer tailor-made solutions for material transfer systems and complete in-line production needs.

Over 600 machines have been supplied to a wide variety of customers both within the UK and throughout the world.